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Is refinancing right for you?

Refinancing is when the borrower and the lender look back over the terms of the loan. Sometimes when certain conditions change, like interest rates, it can be a great idea to refinance, as it can save you lots of money. If you have any questions about refinancing, contact us.


Lower monthly payments ▸

If you choose to refinance, upon inspection, you could be granted lower monthly payments, depending on certain changed conditions. Contact us with any questions that you have.

Shorten your loan ▸

if you have an increased income and you request a refinancing, then it is very possible that you could shorten your loan terms without any penalties.

Build your homes equity ▸

You can build your home’s equity by making a big down payment or refinancing for a shorter loan term.

Learn what loans are available when you refinance

Conventional Loan

A conventional loan is any loan that is not supplemented, provided by, or insured by the government. These loans offer the most flexibility and variance in their down payment and mortgage rates.

Construction/Renovation Loan

These loans are short term loans with a higher interest rate. They typically last a year, and during this time your new residency will be built.

VA  Loan

With VA loans, veterans, service members, and their surviving spouses can purchase homes with little to no down payment and no private mortgage insurance and generally get a competitive interest rate.

FHA Loan

FHA loans are mortgages that are supported by the Federal Housing Administration. This allows you to put down a minimal down payment and get lower mortgage rates.


A USDA loan offers many benefits, as long as you meet the requirements. With this loan type, you have to fit within a certain income bracket, purchase a single-family home, and live within a certain area. However, you also get many benefits such as lower fixed interest rates, no down payment, and flexible credit guidelines.

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