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Buying a home

Ready to purchase a home?

Purchasing a home can be extremely quick and easy with our easy to follow guide in our learning section. Our members will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the home you need.


What's my down payment? ▸

Your down payment is the amount of money you have to pay immediately upon taking a loan. The mortgage option you choose dictates how much you have to pay as down payment.

What are closing costs? ▸

A closing cost is the expense that you pay to your lender for their services in getting you the loan.

What loans are available to me? ▸

Depending on what you want your loan to do, and whether or not you are buying a pre-existing house.

Understand the home buying process

Get prequalified

Getting pre-qualified is an important step in the mortgage process. Getting pre-qualified can greatly speed up the home buying process.

House hunting

Our great team members can also help you find your dream home. House hunting is a fun process, where we work with you to find the perfect house to tailor to your unique needs.

Sign the loan documents

One of the steps in getting your loan is making sure that you sign all the loan documents. One of our team members will help you with all of these papers.

Inspections, insurance, and warranties

We will make sure that you get to inspect your potential home and that you understand all the benefits you get from your warranties and insurance.

Time to close

Knowing the closing time is crucial for getting your home,loock to our learning center for great tips on closing times.

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